Hidam Kumarjit Singh

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We present the design and testing of a 16-bit frequency to digital converter, based on AT89C51 micro-controller, for use in sensing applications. The system generates digital equivalents of frequencies by counting negative transitions of transistor transistor logic signal applied to a designated input of the microcontroller's on-chip counter. The system(More)
An innovative data-acquisition circuit for temperature monitoring and control is designed and interfaced to printer port of a web server computer. Further, an interactive web application program has been developed and kept running in the server computer for controlling the operation of the data-acquisition circuit. Authenticated clients can access the web(More)
The concept for a new and simple fiber-optic liquid level sensor is presented and experimental results are shown to demonstrate the principle. The sensing principle is based on light intensity modulation when rising and falling mode of liquid level causes coupling optical path distance variation between two optical fibers. Near continuous mode of liquid(More)
An interactive .NET web application is designed for use in remote monitoring of sensor response within a Local Area Network zone. Key performance metrics of the web application such as response times, throughput, processor and disk utilization are measured by employing a standard testing tool. The impact of concurrent users' activities on the performance(More)
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