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This paper presents an audio visual multi-stream DBN model (Asy_DBN) for emotion recognition with constraint asynchrony, in which audio state and visual state transit individually in their corresponding stream but the transition is constrained by the allowed maximum audio visual asynchrony. Emotion recognition experiments of Asy_DBN with different(More)
—Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is capable to detect plastic antipersonnel landmines as well as other subsurface targets. In order to reduce false alarms, an option of automatic landmine discrimination from neutral minelike targets would be very useful. This paper presents a possibility for such discrimination and analyzes it experimentally. The authors(More)
The face is an important source of information in multimodal communication. Facial expressions are generated by contractions of facial muscles, which lead to subtle changes in the area of the eyelids, eye brows, nose, lips and skin texture, often revealed by wrinkles and bulges. To measure these subtle changes, Ekman et al.[5] developed the Facial Action(More)
We present a new framework for the hierarchical segmentation of color images. The proposed scheme comprises a nonlinear scale-space with vector-valued gradient watersheds. Our aim is to produce a meaningful hierarchy among the objects in the image using three image components of distinct perceptual significance for a human observer, namely strong edges,(More)