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In this paper, a technique based on hybrid particle swarm optimiser with breeding and subpopulation is presented for optimal design of reconfigurable dual-beam linear array antennas and planar arrays. In the amplitude-phase synthesis, the design of a reconfigurable dual-pattern antenna array is based on finding a common amplitude distribution that can(More)
A major problem in telecommunications is to adapt the information to be transmitted to the propagation channel. This, in order to obtain a good quality of wireless communications with high transmission rates , and the release cable users to allow them to move in large buildings. In this type of communication systems must be properly fight one effect of(More)
In this paper, we intend to study the synthesis of the multibeam arrays. The synthesis implementation's method for this type of arrays permits to approach the appropriated radiance's diagram. An adaptive particle swarm optimization algorithm (APSO) is proposed to synthesis multibeam antenna arrays. The problem is formulated and solved by means of the(More)
Multiple beam antenna arrays have important applications in communications and radar. In this paper, an adaptive particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed to synthesis multiple beam antenna arrays. These modern heuristic algorithms are considered as practical tools for nonlinear optimization problems, which do not require that the objective function(More)
A computationally efficient global optimization method, the adaptive particle swarm optimization (APSO), is proposed for the synthesis of uniform and Gaussian amplitude arrays of two cases, i.e., the prior constraint in the synthesis of the element positions for both the cases is d min = 0.5 λ, where d min is the minimum distance between two adjacent(More)
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