Hichem Ben Salah

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Obesity is a serious health problem that increased risk for many complications, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The results showed EZA, which found rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds, exhibited an inhibitory activity on pancreatic lipase in vitro with IC(50) of 91.07 μg/mL. In vivo administration of this extract to HFD-rats lowered(More)
Zygophyllum album has been used as herbal medicine in Southern Tunisia to treat several diseases such as diabetes mellitus. This study is aimed to reveal the mechanisms underlying the antihyperglycemic potential, the anti-inflammatory and the protective hematological proprieties of this plant in diabetic rats. The inhibition of the α-amylase activity by(More)
Chromium(VI), a very strong oxidant, causes high cytotoxicity through oxidative stress in tissue systems. Our study investigated the potential ability of ethanolic Citrus aurantium L., family Rutaceae extract, used as a nutritional supplement, to alleviate lung oxidative damage induced by Cr(VI). A high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with a mass(More)
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