Hicham Saylani

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This paper demonstrates and exploits some interesting frequency-domain properties of nonstationary signals. Considering these properties, a new method for blind separation of linear instantaneous mixtures of mutually uncorrelated, nonstationary, real sources is proposed which is based on spectral decorrelation of the sources. It allows the existing(More)
In recent years, electronic systems have progressively replaced mechanical devices and human operation for identifying people or objects in many everyday-life applications. This includes systems which perform contactless identification by using radio-frequency tags. Although the latter systems are efficient, they are often unable to easily identify several(More)
In this paper, we propose a new approach for blind separation of noisy linear instantaneous mixtures of cyclo-stationary sources using pseudo-correlation matrices in the frequency domain. This approach is an extension of a new method based on spectral decorrelation that we recently proposed and which assumes that all the cyclo-stationary sources and the(More)
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