Hicham El Masri

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Gastric sleeve gastrectomy has become a frequent bariatric procedure. Its apparent simplicity hides a number of serious, sometimes fatal, complications. This is more important in the absence of an internationally adopted algorithm for the management of the leaks complicating this operation. The debates exist even regarding the definition of a leak, with(More)
If the broad spectrum of mechanistic research conducted on an environmental carcinogen is to be used in quantifying cancer risks, statisticians must play a key role. Statistical methods are critically needed for a scientifically valid analysis of a complicated series of linked experimental findings. This will require a greater understanding of the(More)
The level of termination of the conus medullaris (CM) and thecal sac (TS) is subject to variations. We try to correlate in this study these variations with the lumbar lordosis angle (LLA) using MRI scans. A retrospective study was conducted using available MRI scans of the lumbar spine. The CM level of termination (CMLT) and the TS level of termination(More)
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