Hicham Chehade

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In mobile sensor networks, it is important to manage the mobility of the nodes in order to improve the performances of the network. This paper addresses the problem of single target tracking in controlled mobility sensor networks. The proposed method consists of estimating the current position of a single target. Estimated positions are then used to predict(More)
A multiobjective optimization problem which focuses on parallel machines scheduling is considered. This problem consists of scheduling n independent jobs onm identical parallel machines with release dates, due dates, and sequence-dependent setup times. The preemption of jobs is forbidden. The aim is to minimize two different objectives: makespan and total(More)
This paper deals with a multiobjective hybrid flowshop scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times. Two different objectives are considered to be optimized at once. Our first contribution is to propose a special encoding for the studied problem. Then, our second contribution is that a new metaheuristic based on the Lorenz dominance relationship(More)
This paper deals with a pick and place robotic system design problem. The objective is to present an efficient method which is able to optimize the performances of the robotic system. By defining the suitable combination of scheduling rules, our method allows each robot to perform the assigned pick and place operations in real time in order to maximize the(More)
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This paper presents a capacitated lot-sizing problem in flow-shop system with energy consideration. The planning horizon is defined by a set of periods. Each period is characterized by demand, duration, electricity cost and maximum peak power. Both non-linear and linear mixed integer programming are proposed to solve the problem with the objective of(More)