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Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a protein factor which has been found to play a significant role in both normal and pathological states. Its role as an angiogenic factor is well-established. More recently, VEGF has been shown to protect neurons from cell death both in vivo and in vitro. While VEGF's potential as a protective factor has been(More)
The paper proposes a speaker independent procedure for classifying vocal expressions of emotion. The procedure is based on the splitting up of the emotion recognition process into two steps. In the first step, a combination of selected acoustic features is used to classify six emotions through a Bayesian Gaussian Mixture Model classifier (GMM). The two(More)
This paper proposes a proficient digital watermark generation technique from biometric data which will be unique and can be logically owned to prove ownership. The biometric pattern of iris is used to generate the digital watermark that has a clear stamp of ownership. The generated watermark has been studied for uniqueness and identification and has been(More)
The paper deals with the vocal emotion recognition which is a very important task for several applications in the field of human-machine interaction. There is a plenty of algorithms proposed up to date for this purpose that exploit different types of features and classifiers. Our previous work showed that high-level features perform very well in terms of(More)
The aim of this study is to help improve the diagnostic and performance capabilities of Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinics (RACPC), by reducing delay and inaccuracies in the cardiovascular risk assessment of patients with chest pain by helping clinicians effectively distinguish acute angina patients from those with other causes of chest pain. Key to our new(More)
This paper describes a method to detect repeating segments in an audio signal by using dynamic time warping algorithm. The proposed framework extracts features from frames of the audio by Mel frequency cepstral coefficients. The features extracted from the audio clip of the chorus were matched against the features of the whole clip by dynamic time warping.(More)