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The ccd operon of the F plasmid encodes CcdB, a toxin targeting the essential gyrase of Escherichia coli, and CcdA, the unstable antidote that interacts with CcdB to neutralize its toxicity. Although work from our group and others has established that CcdA and CcdB are required for transcriptional repression of the operon, the underlying mechanism remains(More)
Multiple thoracic hydatid disease is rare. Cardiovascular localisation is exceptional. Clinical, radiological and even electrocardiographic signs are not specific. The diagnosis is often difficult. We report a case of multiple pulmonary hydatid disease associated to a hydatid cyst of the infundibulum of the pulmonary artery. This is presented in a young(More)
Parietal thoracic abscess formation of a tuberculous nature is a rare form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis, usually described in cases of severe tuberculosis encountered in HIV-infected patients. We report 13 cases of parietal tuberculosis in patients without HIV infection who were investigated between October 1988 and December 1999. During this period, we(More)
INTRODUCTION Solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura (TFSP) is rare. When associated with hypoglycemia it is commonly referred to as Doege-Potter syndrome. CASE A 51-year-old man was hospitalized for recurrent near-syncope associated with hypoglycemia. Clinical examination and then thoracic imaging clearly showed anomalies that corresponded to a mass(More)
L'inhalation d'épingle à foulard (EF) est un phénomène de plus en plus fréquent dans les pays où les femmes portent le voile et dont les conséquences peuvent être graves. Le but de ce travail est de présenter notre expérience dans le diagnostic et la prise en charge de cette nouvelle entité clinique, de définir ses particularités et d'illustrer les dangers(More)
The DRESS syndrome is a serious drug reaction that may involve life-threatening. We have to think before any skin reaction after taking drugs. We report a clinical case of a 27-year-old patient treated for pleural tuberculosis with the DRESS syndrome induced by antituberculosis. Through this work, we underline the rarity of this syndrome to antituberculosis(More)
La pleurésie purulente à Nocardia asteroides est rare. Elle survient le plus souvent sur un terrain d'immunodépression. Nous rapportons une observation d'une pleurésie à Nocardia asteroides chez une patiente âgée de 60 ans, chez qui nous avons découvert un diabète. A travers ce travail les auteurs soulignent l'intérêt de la multiplication de prélèvements,(More)
The broncho-pulmonary small cell carcinoma is the most common cancer provider paraneoplastic syndrome especially neurological and endocrine but also cutaneous syndrome. Paraneoplastic dermatosis do not result from a direct extension of cancer and are not metastases, but their presence is suggestive of an underlying tumor. The evolution of the dermatosis is(More)