Hian Chye Koh

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Data mining has been used intensively and extensively by many organizations. In healthcare, data mining is becoming increasingly popular, if not increasingly essential. Data mining applications can greatly benefit all parties involved in the healthcare industry. For example, data mining can help healthcare insurers detect fraud and abuse, healthcare(More)
Credit scoring can be defined as a technique that helps credit providers decide whether to grant credit to consumers or customers. Its increasing importance can be seen from the growing popularity and application of credit scoring in consumer credit. There are advantages not only to construct effective credit scoring models to help improve the bottom-line(More)
Till now Cancer is a big question for scientific community cause of no existing treatments could solve the problems related to this dreadful disease. Research is in well progress since half century but it failed to give an accurate solution to fight against it. The development of technology in science day night tries to develop new methods of treatment. One(More)
Organizational culture and occupational culture are powerful forces that drive organizations and their members. This study explores their effects on the perception of managerial accounting terms, as measured by semantic differential scales. The sample comprises two occupational groups (i.e. 64 management accountants and 68 non-financial managers) in ten(More)
Cancer Detection is still challenging for the upgraded and modern medical technology. Evan now the actual reason and total curing procedure of cancer is not invented . After researching a lot statistical analysis which is based on those people whose are affected in brain cancer some general Risk factors and Symptoms have been discovered. The development of(More)
Investigates the factors affecting student evaluation of teaching (SET). A total of 170 teaching evaluations conducted at the Nanyang Business School (Singapore) were analysed by regressing the overall teaching index on the following variables: subject characteristics (stream, year and type), class characteristics (format, size, time and day), evaluation(More)
Modern medicine generates a great deal of information stored in the medical database. Extracting useful data and making scientific decision for diagnosis and treatment of disease from the database increasingly becomes necessary. We propose a Heart diseases Prediction System for the society to prevent the cause of the death. So we are analyzing heart disease(More)
We investigate whether the interactions between JIT manufacturing techniques and information systems (i.e., performance goals and attention-directing feedback) are dependent on the reward system (i.e., incentive vs. fixed pay plans). Our findings provide some support for the hypotheses. Results show by itself JIT often does not lead to performance gains.(More)
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