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Detection of yellow fever virus: a comparison of quantitative real-time PCR and plaque assay.
Yellow fever virus quantitation is performed routinely by cultivation of virus containing samples using susceptible cells. Counting of the resulting plaques provides a marker for the number ofExpand
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CCK inhibits the orexigenic effect of peripheral ghrelin.
CCK and ghrelin exert antagonistic effects on ingestive behavior. The aim of the present study was to investigate the interaction between ghrelin and CCK administered peripherally on food intake andExpand
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Immunogenicity and safety of yellow fever vaccination for 102 HIV-infected patients.
BACKGROUND Yellow fever vaccine (17DV) has been investigated incompletely in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients, and adequate immunogenicity and safety are of concern in thisExpand
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Activation of the cytokine network and unfavorable outcome in patients with yellow fever.
To study the contribution of inflammatory mediators to the pathogenesis of yellow fever (YF), the serum levels of several cytokines and chemokines were measured in 7 patients with fatal YF (f-YF), 11Expand
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Reference gene selection for quantitative real-time PCR analysis in virus infected cells: SARS corona virus, Yellow fever virus, Human Herpesvirus-6, Camelpox virus and Cytomegalovirus infections
Ten potential reference genes were compared for their use in experiments investigating cellular mRNA expression of virus infected cells. Human cell lines were infected with Cytomegalovirus, HumanExpand
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Immune response during adverse events after 17D-derived yellow fever vaccination in Europe.
BACKGROUND In 1999-2000, reports of fatalities after vaccination with 17D-derived yellow fever vaccine (YEL) focused mainly on cases of YEL-associated adverse events (YEL-AEs) and YEL-associatedExpand
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Analysis of two imported cases of yellow fever infection from Ivory Coast and The Gambia to Germany and Belgium.
BACKGROUND Yellow fever remains one of the great burdens for public health in the endemic regions in Africa and South America. The under reporting of yellow fever cases in the respective regions andExpand
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External quality control assessment in PCR diagnostics of dengue virus infections.
BACKGROUND Increased travelling to countries endemic for dengue fever (DF) demands efficient laboratory diagnostics. Nucleic acid amplification techniques (NAT) are now frequently used for rapidExpand
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Two immunocytochemical protocols for immunofluorescent detection of c-Fos positive neurons in the rat brain.
The immediate-early-gene product c-Fos is a well known marker of neuronal activation in the central nervous system. Thus, immunocytochemical methods to detect c-Fos in the brain are important toolsExpand
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