Heyong Jin Roh

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The susceptibility of 52 isolates of Edwardsiella tarda and 54 isolates of Vibrio harveyi to 12 antibiotics was established using internationally standardised disc diffusion protocols. Normalised resistance interpretation was employed to generate statistically valid epidemiological cut-off values for these susceptibility data. For three of these 24(More)
Although Streptococcus parauberis is the major bacterial pathogen affecting olive flounder, the translocation and dissemination of this pathogen in infected fish are not well understood. Therefore, we conducted real-time PCR and histopathologic examination to monitor the intensity of infection in multiple organs of the olive flounder after challenge with S.(More)
Background: Significant increases in the bacterial resistance to various antibiotics have been found in fish farms. Non-antibiotic therapies for infectious diseases in aquaculture are needed. In recent years, light-emitting diode technology has been applied to the inactivation of pathogens, especially those affecting humans. The purpose of this study was to(More)
  • Coronavirus M W Jackwood, E T Mckinley, +10 authors Mundt
  • 2011
S OF PAPERS 239 101 Genome sequencing and comparative analysis of avian coronavirus. M. W. Jackwood,* E. T. McKinley, J. E. Philips, and S. W. Thor, University of Georgia, Athens. Genome sequencing and comparative genomics can be used to examine past host and tissue tropism shifts to aid in identification of new variant viruses, to identify genetic(More)
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