Heyno Garbe

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—Multipath propagation environment effects, such as frequency-selective fading, have a strong impact on the quality of a wireless channel. For example, multipath can impact bit error rate (BER) differently from Gaussian noise. For testing wireless devices/systems in these multipath environments it is imperative to have a reliable, controllable, and(More)
In this contribution a new methodology for modeling electromagnetic emission of integrated circuits in system analysis is shown. By using a physical model based on a multi-pole expansion, the emitted fields can be well approximated in the space outside a component. This allows a convenient representation with a low number of model parameters which can be(More)
To predict discharge current waveforms for air discharges of electrostatic discharge (ESD) generators (ESD-guns) used in an IEC immunity test against human ESD, an equivalent circuit modelling for air discharges of ESD-guns is proposed. To simulate spark discharges, two typical spark resistance formulae (Rompe-Weizel's and Toepler's) are applied to the(More)
Evaluation of radio frequency immunity test facilities based on the scattered field of a conductive sphere," Electronics andSEMIRAMIS: an asymmetrical bounded wave EMP simulator with a good confinement inside the transmission line," and engineering of a large shielded semi-anechoic chamber meeting the volumetric NSA requirements at 3 and 10 m transmission(More)
A hybrid method which combines the Method of Moments (MoM) and the multiconduc-tor transmission line (MTL) equations is presented in this paper. The MTL{equations are used to calculate the current distribution on signal traces and cables. Via the MoM the behaviour of scattering objects (conduction plates, boxes, screens, etc.) is described. The coupling(More)
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