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In this contribution a new methodology for modeling electromagnetic emission of integrated circuits in system analysis is shown. By using a physical model based on a multi-pole expansion, the emitted fields can be well approximated in the space outside a component. This allows a convenient representation with a low number of model parameters which can be(More)
In studies performed with equilibrium dialysis metronidazole was found to bind closely to human erythrocytes. In blood of haematocrit value approximately 50% of the drug was bound to erythrocytes. The ratio of bound and unbound metronidazole was influenced by the concentration of the drug and the erythrocytes. Of the intracellular proteins of erythrocytes(More)
Evaluation of radio frequency immunity test facilities based on the scattered field of a conductive sphere," Electronics andSEMIRAMIS: an asymmetrical bounded wave EMP simulator with a good confinement inside the transmission line," and engineering of a large shielded semi-anechoic chamber meeting the volumetric NSA requirements at 3 and 10 m transmission(More)
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