Heyi Zhang

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Proteins come together in macromolecular assemblies, recognizing and binding to each other through their structures, and operating on their substrates through their motions. Detailed characterization of these processes is particularly suited to NMR, a high-resolution technique sensitive to structure, dynamics, and interactions. Advances in isotope-labeling(More)
We introduce a new factorization algorithm, based on the analogue determination of the periodicity of a single generalized continuous truncated exponential sum (CTES) interferogram. We demonstrate that this algorithm allows, in principle, to factorize arbitrary numbers exploiting a remarking rescaling property of the recorded CTES interference pattern. Such(More)
Prosocial behavior refers to a broad category of actions that benefit other people or the society. Compared with other factors that affect prosocial performance, prosocial outcomes, consisting of prosocial gains and prosocial non-losses have received less attention up to now. In the current research, we explored the influences of different types of expected(More)
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