Hey-Jeong Noh

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TGF-beta1 has been known as an important factor in tubulointerstitial fibrosis which is a common process in most progressive renal diseases. We hypothesized that the interstitial fibrosis could be prevented by abolishing TGF-beta1 function in unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO)-induced renal fibrosis. shRNA vectors were generated to suppress TGF-beta1(More)
Diabetic nephropathy is characterized by an expansion of the glomerular mesangium, caused by mesangial cell proliferation and an excessive accumulation of extracellar matrix (ECM) proteins, which eventually leading to glomerulosclerosis. TGF-beta1 was found to play an important role in the accumulation of ECM in the kidney. In this study, TGF-beta1 RNA(More)
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