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Trichoderma species belong to a class of free-living fungi beneficial to plants that are common in the rhizosphere. We investigated the role of auxin in regulating the growth and development of(More)
Filamentous fungi belonging to the genus Trichoderma have long been recognized as agents for the biocontrol of plant diseases. In this work, we investigated the mechanisms involved in the defense(More)
Salt stress is an important constraint to world agriculture. Here, we report on the potential of Trichoderma virens and T. atroviride to induce tolerance to salt in Arabidopsis seedlings. We first(More)
Trichoderma atroviride is a symbiotic fungus that interacts with roots and stimulates plant growth and defense. Here, we show that Arabidopsis seedlings cocultivated with T. atroviride have an(More)
This work was conducted to examine the effects of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from Trichoderma virens and the 4-phosphopantetheinyl transferase 1 (TvPPT1) mutant in growth promotion and(More)
Several species of Trichoderma promote plant growth and help in defense against root pathogens. The role of root-exuded carbohydrates as chemo-attractive stimuli for Trichoderma colonization is(More)
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