Hexiang Zhong

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Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) are energy conversion devices that produce electricity from a supply of fuel, such as hydrogen. One of the major challenges in achieving efficient energy conversion is the development of cost-effective materials that can act as electrocatalysts for PEMFCs. In this letter, we demonstrate that, instead of(More)
PANI-BASED CARBON CAT: A low-cost nitrogen-doped carbon nanomaterial from polyaniline as fuel cell cathode electrocatalyst is prepared by chemical polymerization of aniline monomers, followed by pyrolysis in the presence of ammonia. The catalyst demonstrates high activity, with an onset potential comparable to, and a reduction current higher than, a(More)
Catalytic carbon: Nitrogen-doped porous carbon (CN(x)) electrocatalysts are derived from inexpensive melamine formaldehyde resins. These potential PEMFC catalysts are synthesized by using a facile method, which yields materials that contain a meso- and macroporous structure. The carbon-based materials display attractive catalytic activity toward ORR and(More)
Heteroatom-doped carbon materials have shown respectable activity for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in alkaline media. However, the performances of these materials are not satisfactory for energy conversion devices, such as fuel cells. Here, we demonstrate a new type of phosphorus and nitrogen co-doped hierarchically ordered porous carbon (PNHOPC)(More)
N-doped carbon catalysts have attracted great attention as potential alternatives to expensive Pt-based catalysts used in fuel cells. Herein, an ordered hierarchically porous carbon codoped with N and Fe (Fe-NOHPC) is prepared by an evaporation-induced self-assembly process followed by carbonization under ammonia. The soft template and Fe species promote(More)
Using a quite small but suitable amount of Nafion as stabilizer, iridium colloids with well controlled particle size were synthesized and directly used for fuel cells or water electrolyzers without further removal or addition of Nafion, meanwhile, a strategy for fabrication of supported catalyst with high utilization was also proposed.
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