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The measurement of circulating prealbumin has been shown to be clinically useful in the assessment of nutritional status, both as an initial screen and in the monitoring of nutritional recovery. We describe a fully automated, noncompetitive, homogeneous, light-scattering immunoassay that has been developed for this analyte on a Dimension (Dade) analyzer. A(More)
INSTITUTE Tactile pattern recognition was studied by presenting pairs of alphabetic shapes in rapid succession at the same anatomical location, the subject being required on each trial to identify both of the patterns. Experimental variables were the duration of each stimulus and the time between stimuli. Three aspects of the observed interaction were (1)(More)
Radar data collected from three different monopulse secondary surveillance radar (MSSR) types are analyzed to assess azimuth measurement error characteristics. Aircraft radar position reports are compared with Global Positioning System (GPS) position reports delivered by Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) for aircraft targets of opportunity.(More)
Even when latex particles with sizes similar to colloidal gold were used for reagent preparation to decrease the sedimentation rate during storage, expensive synthetic materials and tedious covalent-coating procedures were involved, including several ultracentrifuga-tion and sonication steps (22). Once coated and properly stabilized, the colloidal gold(More)
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