Hewayda M. Lotfy

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A major problem raised by a region-based image retrieval system is the proper description of regions for efficient and semantically meaningful retrieval. We present CoIRS a novel cluster oriented image retrieval system. A distinguishing aspect of CoIRS is its integration of a robust unsupervised learning for the detection of regions. The segmentation is(More)
Data clustering usually requires extensive computations of similarity measures between dataset members and cluster centers, especially for large datasets. Image clustering can be an intermediate process in image retrieval or segmentation, where a fast process is critically required for large image databases. This paper introduces a new approach of(More)
Characterization of user activities is an important issue in the design and maintenance of websites. Server weblog files have abundant information about the user's current interests. This information can be mined and analyzed therefore the administrators may be able to guide the users in their browsing activity so they may obtain relevant information in a(More)
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