Hewan A. Belete

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Cell wounding, that is a loss of plasma membrane integrity, is a common everyday occurrence in load bearing organs such as muscle, skin, and bone. In general, these injuries trigger adaptive responses to either restore homeostasis or to protect the cells from further damage. The ability to restore plasma membrane integrity after injury is critical for cell(More)
Once excess liquid gains access to air spaces of an injured lung, the act of breathing creates and destroys foam and thereby contributes to the wounding of epithelial cells by interfacial stress. Since cells are not elastic continua, but rather complex network structures composed of solid as well as liquid elements, we hypothesize that plasma membrane (PM)(More)
Cell wounding is an important driver of the innate immune response of ventilator-injured lungs. We had previously shown that the majority of wounded alveolus resident cells repair and survive deformation induced insults. This is important insofar as wounded and repaired cells may contribute to injurious deformation responses commonly referred to as(More)
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