Heungsoon Rim

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Mobile users frequently want mobile devices as powerful as desk top PCs, but still in a small and light form factor. The level of users' demand is yet too high to satisfy with current technology. Available resources such as CPU, memory, and battery power are still insufficient for current mobile devices. One way to overcome these limitations is to offload(More)
Mobile consumer devices take increasingly important roles, more closely and personally interacting with users. As users get used to mobile devices, they often want the same level of computing experience as they can have from desktop PCs, but still in small and light form factors. Considering current technology, we find the limitations of the processor and(More)
In this paper, we present slim execution for distributed mobile environment. To relieve resource constrained mobile devices of CPU and power constraints, resource demanding applications are executed on nearby powerful servers and only interactive parts of applications are executed on mobile devices. Using nearby servers as backing storage, we can overcome(More)
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