Heung Sik Park

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SUMMARY Nasal bone fractures are the most common type of facial fractures. Previous studies have shown that most nasal fractures involve the septum, which can provide an obstacle to the successful reduction of nasal bone fractures. In particular, septal fractures in combination with simple nasal bone fractures are usually unrecognized and untreated at the(More)
OBJECTIVE Conventional pterional approach is a commonly used neurosurgical technique for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms. However, this technique requires more extensive brain exposure than other key hole approaches and is sometimes associated with surgical traumatization or cosmetic problems. The aim of this study was to compare the postoperative(More)
To investigate the prevalence and type of congenital inverted nipple, and realizing that the condition is a disease for which treatment is necessary, 1,625 unmarried women aged between 19 and 26 were physically examined and responded to questions about inverted nipple. Fifty-three of 1,625 subjects (3.26%) presented with this malformation, and it was found(More)
To evaluate outcomes of aesthetic facial plastic surgery objectively the authors developed a photogrammetric profile analysis method, which they call "balanced angular profile analysis" (BAPA). To develop standards and ways to determine the conformation of various soft tissue segments analytically, 19 mean angular values acquired from the photographs of 71(More)
To evaluate current preferences and ethnic differences of female soft-tissue profiles, 71 profile photographs of famous female models were collected from Internet Web pages and divided into four groups (Korean, 22; Japanese, 15; Chinese, 16; and Western, 18). Eleven soft-tissue landmarks were recorded on each photograph and 16 angular measurements were made(More)
There is often a preexisting acute columella-labial angle in Asian noses and in most of these cases, the nasal spine is underdeveloped or sometimes even absent. Moreover, nasal tip projection by a tip graft or cephalic rotation of the nasal tip may get worse at the retracted columella-labial junction in the Asian nose with an underdeveloped anterior nasal(More)
Because of the potential morbidity and complications associated with surgical procedures, limiting the extent of orthognathic surgery is a desire for many orthodontic patients. An eighteen-year-old woman had a severe Class III malocclusion and required bi-maxillary surgery. By changing the patient's maxillary occlusal plane using orthodontic mini-implants,(More)
BACKGROUND The universally accepted attractive female figure has a waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) of 0.7 or 0.68 (WHR of the Venus de Milo). Using WHR and other parameters, the authors attempted to investigate chronologic changes in perceptions of the attractive female figure in Korean society, differences between Asian and Western societies in this respect, and(More)
With the recent progress in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) in industry, increasing attention has been given to Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems. An AGV is a self-powered unit for transporting materials between stations without needing to be controlled by an operator. Such a system has several sensors to recognize the external state, and it is(More)
Two new acetylenic alcohols (1-2) and a new dihydrothiopyranone (3) were isolated from the tropical sponge Reniochalina sp. Their structures were determined by spectroscopic and chemical methods to be (3R)-hydroxyoctatriacont-(4E)-en-1-yne (1), 5-hydroxyheptatriacont-(3Z)-en-1-yne (2) and 2-hexadecyl-2,3-dihydrothiopyran-4-one (3). The acetylenic alcohol(More)