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Outline Introduction Related Work Cooperative Diversity MAC Performance Conclusion Introduction In wireless ad hoc networks, signal fading and interference are two major obstacles in realizing their full potential in delivering signals. Cooperation among the nodes is considered critically important in addressing these problems. Introduction Diversity(More)
Recommender systems, which have emerged in response to the problem of information overload, provide users with recommendations of content suited to their needs. To provide proper recommendations to users, personalized recommender systems require accurate user models of characteristics, preferences and needs. In this study, we propose a collaborative(More)
This paper looks inside FolkRank, one of the well-known folksonomy-based algorithms, to present its fundamental properties and promising possibilities for improving performance in tag recommendations. Moreover, we introduce a new way to compute a differential approach in FolkRank by representing it as a linear combination of the personalized PageRank(More)
This paper proposes a collaborative filtering method with user-created tags focusing on changes of web content and internet services. Collabo-rative tagging is employed as an approach in order to grasp and filter users' preferences for items. In addition, we explore several advantages of collabora-tive tagging for future searching and information sharing(More)