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The popularity of multimedia streaming services via wireless networks presents major challenges in the management of network bandwidth. One challenge is to quickly and precisely estimate the available bandwidth for the decision of streaming rates of layered and scalable multimedia services. Previous works based on wired networks are too burdensome to be(More)
The main memory management has been a critical issue to provide high performance in web cluster systems.To overcome the speed gap between processors and disks,many prefetch schemes have been proposed as memory management in web cluster systems. However, inefficient prefetch schemes can degrade the performance of the web cluster system. Dynamic access(More)
The popularity of multimedia streaming services via wireless home networks has confronted major challenges in quality improvement for services through a set top box (STB). Even though scalable methods have been suggested to enhance the quality of multimedia streaming services, it is still challenging how to provide scalable streaming services in wireless(More)
This paper proposes dynamic thermal management (DTM) based on a dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) technique for MPEG-4 decoding to guarantee thermal safety while maintaining a quality of service (QoS) constraint. Although many low-power and low-temperature multimedia playback techniques have been proposed, most of them are impractical in(More)
Widely adopted distributor-based systems forward user requests to a balanced set of waiting servers in complete transparency to the users. The policy employed in forwarding requests from the front-end distributor to the backend servers dominates the overall system performance. The locality-aware request distribution (LARD) scheme improves the system(More)
Automated protein function prediction defines the designation of functions of unknown protein functions by using computational methods. This technique is useful to automatically assign gene functional annotations for undefined sequences in next generation genome analysis (NGS). NGS is a popular research method since high-throughput technologies such as DNA(More)
Frequent packet loss of media data is critical problem that degrades the quality of streaming service in wireless networks. During scalable streaming service, only partial of data can be decoded at the decoder depending on the relationship between frames and layers. Contents provider divides one large media stream into several layers, and then provides each(More)
With the growing use of cluster systems in Web servers, file distribution and database transactions, power conservation and efficiency have been identified as critical issues in the design of cluster systems. Widely adopted, distributor-based systems forward client requests to a balanced set of backend servers in complete transparency to the clients. In(More)
Resource management of the main memory and process handler is critical to enhancing the system performance of a web server. Owing to the transaction delay time that affects incoming requests from web clients, web server systems utilize several web processes to anticipate future requests. This procedure is able to decrease the web generation time because(More)