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Selection of reliable reference genes for gene expression studies in Botrytis cinerea.
Botrytis cinerea is an important plant pathogen causing grey mold disease in a wide range of plant species. The aim of this study was to identify reliable reference genes that can be used for theExpand
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Isolation and Characterization of Carbendazim-degrading Rhodococcus erythropolis djl-11
Carbendazim (methyl 1H-benzimidazol-2-yl carbamate) is one of the most widely used fungicides in agriculture worldwide, but has been reported to have adverse effects on animal health and ecosystemExpand
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Dual-end functionalized magnesium organo-(phyllo)silicates via co-condensation and its antimicrobial activity
Abstract Organic–inorganic hybrid materials (organo-(phyllo)silicates) offer multiple functions with distinct properties. The design of mesolamellar talc-like organo-(phyllo)silicates composed ofExpand
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Viruses as self-assembled nanocontainers for encapsulation of functional cargoes
Viruses naturally exhibit an incredible variety of sophisticated nanostructures, which makes them ideal biological building blocks for nanoengineered material research. By mimicking their spontaneousExpand
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Automatic Wheat Leaf Rust Detection and Grading Diagnosis via Embedded Image Processing System
A wheat leaf diseases detection system based on embedded image recognition technology is designed. Expand
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Some aspects of salinity responses in peppermint (Mentha × piperita L.) to NaCl treatment
Salinity is a major stress that adversely affects plant growth and crop production. Understanding the cellular responses and molecular mechanisms by which plants perceive and adopt salinity stress isExpand
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Selection of reliable reference genes for gene expression studies in Trichoderma afroharzianum LTR-2 under oxalic acid stress.
An appropriate reference gene is required to get reliable results from gene expression analysis by quantitative real-time reverse transcription PCR (qRT-PCR). In order to identify stable and reliableExpand
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Colonization of plant roots and enhanced atrazine degradation by a strain of Arthrobacter ureafaciens
Our previous research found that culturable atrazine degraders associated with maize roots were dominated by genetically similar strains of Arthrobacter ureafaciens, suggesting their rhizosphereExpand
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Mushroom Cosmetics: The Present and Future
Mushrooms have been valued as a traditional source of natural bioactive compounds for centuries and have recently been exploited for potential components in the cosmetics industry. Numerous mushroomsExpand
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Enhancing plant disease suppression by Burkholderia vietnamiensis through chromosomal integration of Bacillussubtilis chitinase gene chi113
Burkholderiavietnamiensis P418 is a plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria. A chitinase gene from Bacillus subtilis was cloned and stably integrated into the chromosome of using the transposon deliveryExpand
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