Hetal Thakkar

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Radio Frequency Identification is gaining broader adoption in many areas. One of the challenges in implementing an RFID-based system is dealing with anomalies in RFID reads. A small number of anomalies can translate into large errors in analytical results. Conventional "eager" approaches cleanse all data upfront and then apply queries on cleaned data.(More)
Mining frequent itemsets from data streams has proved to be very difficult because of computational complexity and the need for real-time response. In this paper, we introduce a novel verification algorithm which we then use to improve the performance of monitoring and mining tasks for association rules. Thus, we propose a frequent itemset mining method for(More)
By providing an integrated and optimized support for user-defined aggregates (UDAs), data stream management systems (DSMS) can achieve superior power and generality while preserving compatibility with current SQL standards. This is demonstrated by the Stream Mill system that, through is Expressive Stream Language (ESL), efficiently supports a wide range of(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine whether the retention of celecoxib in inflamed articular joints of arthritic rats could be enhanced by incorporation of the drug into solid lipid nanoparticles. METHODS Celecoxib-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) were prepared by emulsification and high-pressure homogenisation, then characterised(More)
The present study investigates the preparation of celecoxib-loaded albumin microspheres and the biodistribution of technetium-99m (99mTc)-labeled celecoxib as well as its microspheres after intravenous administration. Microspheres were prepared using a natural polymer BSA using emulsification chemical cross-linking method. The prepared microspheres were(More)
The aim was to develop niosomal gel as a transdermal nanocarrier for improved systemic availability of lopinavir. Niosomes were prepared using thin-film hydration method and optimized for molar quantities of Span 40 and cholesterol to impart desirable characteristics. Comparative evaluation with ethosomes was performed using ex vivo skin permeation,(More)
It has long been recognized that multi-stream operators, such as union and join, often have to wait idly in a temporarily blocked state, as a result of skews between the timestamps of their input streams. It has been shown that the injection of heartbeat information through punctuation tuples can alleviate this problem. In this paper, we propose and(More)
The real-time (or just-on-time) requirement associated with online association rule mining implies the need to expedite the analysis and validation of the many candidate rules, which are typically created from the discovered frequent patterns. Moreover, the mining process, from data cleaning to post-mining, can no longer be structured as a sequence of steps(More)
The use of polymeric carriers in formulations of therapeutic drug delivery systems has gained widespread application, due to their advantage of being biodegradable and biocompatible. In this study, we aimed to prepare celecoxib-loaded chitosan microspheres for intra-articular administration and to compare the retention of the celecoxib solution and chitosan(More)