Heta S Shah

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Insulin is secreted in a high frequency pulsatile manner. These pulses are delivered directly into the portal vein and then undergo extraction and dilution before delivery into the systemic circulation. The reported frequency of these insulin pulses estimated in peripheral blood varies from an interpulse interval of 4-20 min. We postulated that this(More)
Inorganic pyrophosphatase (EC has been purified to electrophoretic homogeneity from the soluble portion of the cytoplasm of rat Hepatoma 3924A and rat liver. It has a specific activity of 600 to 700 mumol inorganic orthophosphate liberated per min per mg protein at 25 degrees, a value in the same range as the highly purified enzymes from yeast and(More)
Fatty acid ester surfactants, e.g., Cremophor EL and Solutol HS 15, that modulate multi-drug resistance (MDR) have been described; however, the drug potential of these preparations is unclear because of the molecular heterogeneity of these and other commercial surfactants. In previous experiments, an active but still polydisperse preparation, designated CRL(More)
The metabolism of [3H]-3-methylcholanthrene (3-MC) was studied in the isolated, perfused rat liver. Following addition of 250 mug to the perfusion fluid, 3-MC disappeared rapidly. After 2 hr, approximately 34% of the radioactivity was excreted in the bile, 6% remained in the perfusate, and 60% was found in the liver. Of the liver radioactivity, 80% was(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine patients' motivations for undergoing orthognathic surgery and their experiences of the orthodontic aspects of this treatment. DESIGN Retrospective questionnaire survey using a patient-centred measure. SETTING Thirteen National Health Service (NHS) hospital orthodontic departments. SUBJECTS Three-hundred-and-twenty-six patients(More)
In order to identify intermediates of CCl4 metabolism, whole, suitably fortified rat liver homogenates were incubated with 14CCl4 in the presence and absence of "pools" of unlabeled suspected intermediates. In the presence of NADH or NADPH, incorporation of radioactivity was rapid and substantial in CO2, lipid, protein, and the acid-soluble fraction. It was(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Oestrogen therapy is known to induce cardioprotection in post-menopausal metabolic syndrome (PMS). Hence, we investigated the effect of 17-β oestradiol (E2) on functional responses to angiotensin II and cardiovascular dysfunction in a rat model of PMS. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH PMS was induced in ovariectomized rats by feeding a(More)
Cell Competition is an interaction between cells for existence in heterogeneous cell populations of multicellular organisms. This phenomenon is involved in initiation and progression of cancer where heterogeneous cell populations compete directly or indirectly for the survival of the fittest based on differential gene expression. In Drosophila, cells having(More)
1. The phase I and II metabolizing enzymes of kidneys play an important role in the metabolism of xenobiotic as well as endogenous compounds and proximal tubules of kidney constitute high concentration of these metabolizing enzymes compared with the other parts. 2. It has been shown previously that differential enzyme expression among human and(More)