Hessamedin Vali

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Expression of human Bax, a cardinal regulator of mitochondrial membrane permeabilization, causes death in yeast. We screened a human cDNA library for suppressors of Bax-mediated yeast death and identified human 14-3-3β/α, a protein whose paralogs have numerous chaperone-like functions. Here, we show that, yeast cells expressing human 14-3-3β/α are able to(More)
DURING HETEROTROPHIC BACTERIAL GROWTH. J. Ronholm, D. Schumann, H. M. Sapers, R. M. Izawa, D. M. Applin, B. Berg, H. Vali, E. A. Cloutis, R. L. Flemming and L. G. Whyte, Department of Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada, H9X 3V9 Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec,(More)
Online consumer review plays an important role in customers’ purchase decisions. However, conflicting online reviews can confuse potential customers. As a result, he/she will take a risk of either selecting a product that is not able to satisfy their needs or not select an appropriate product. This error in purchasing can impose significant tangible and(More)
Prior research has shown that negative online reviews are more valuable than positive reviews due to differences in casual attribution for positive versus negative information such that negative reviews tend to be relatively attributed more to the product (vs. reviewer) than positive reviews. We propose that the presence of repeating purchase cues, which(More)
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