Hesham Khalil

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In this article we give a detailed presentation of state event logic which is a modal logic for reasoning about concurrent events and causality between events 8]. State event logic diiers from previous approaches in the following directions: First, events enjoy the same attention as states. In the same way as states can be viewed as models of the formulae(More)
The inferior alveolar nerve block is the most common injection technique used in dentistry and many modifications of the conventional nerve block have been recently described in the literature. Selecting the best technique by the dentist or surgeon depends on many factors including the success rate and complications related to the selected technique.(More)
BACKGROUND Warfarin is one of the most common oral anticoagulants used to prevent thromboembolic episodes. The benefits of discontinuation of this drug before simple surgical procedures are not clear and this approach could be associated with complications. The aim of this study was to evaluate the risk of bleeding in a series of 35 patients (in cases where(More)
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