Hesham Elbadawy

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WiMAX technology is considered one of the most important solutions capable to provide a Broadband Wireless Access in metropolitan areas. Mobility issues have become challenging for the rollout for WiMAX networks in order to compete against the other competitive technologies such as 3.5G and LTE. In this paper, a unified approach to derive the overall BER(More)
In order to protect the user's privacy as well as the network used, security support is mandatory for any communication. Unilateral authentication between the subscriber and Base Station (BS) was one of IEEE 802.16 security leaks. According to IEEE 802.16e, some security flaws are resolved, while there is scarcities of research on Mesh topology security as(More)
In this paper, a novel Optical Packet Switch (OPS) architecture is proposed and its scheduling algorithm is implemented and analyzed. The proposed architecture makes use of shared wavelength exchange optical crossbars (WOCs) to reduce wavelength conversion complexity. Simulation results show that, under heavy traffic loads, the conversion cost of the(More)
As the power consumption is an essential issue for designers of mobile devices The 3 Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) – Long Term Evolution (LTE) employs a multicarrier communication technique on the air interface, Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access (SCFDMA), in uplink scenario and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) in(More)
Nowadays, both of network operators and regulators are concerning about adding new end user's features. These features may be added to future networks and current deployed ones. In order to achieve that, network performance as well as its availability must be taken into consideration side-byside for having a successful network operation. The process of(More)
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