Hesham El-Sayed

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BACKGROUND Tranexamic acid can reduce bleeding in patients undergoing elective surgery. We assessed the effects of early administration of a short course of tranexamic acid on death, vascular occlusive events, and the receipt of blood transfusion in trauma patients. METHODS This randomised controlled trial was undertaken in 274 hospitals in 40 countries.(More)
MRC CRASH is a randomised controlled trial (ISRCTN74459797) of the effect of corticosteroids on death and disability after head injury. We randomly allocated 10,008 adults with head injury and a Glasgow Coma Scale score of 14 or less, within 8 h of injury, to a 48-h infusion of corticosteroid (methylprednisolone) or placebo. Data at 6 months were obtained(More)
Serology for hepatitis B and C markers was performed on a community-based random sample of 506 residents of an area recently reclaimed from the desert and endemic for Schistosoma mansoni. The mean age of the study subjects was (20 +/- 14), and 52% were males. The overall seroprevalence of hepatitis B (Anti-HBc and/or HBsAg) was 19.6%, hepatitis C (Anti-HCV)(More)
Reclamation of land from the desert is currently taking place in all parts of Egypt. A side-effect of many of these projects has been the introduction of schistosome parasites and their snail intermediate hosts, sometimes among Bedouin population with no previous exposure to the disease. The purpose of the present study was to describe social, environmental(More)
BACKGROUND the aim of this study was to explore the trends in injury mortality in children aged 0-18 years in the State of Qatar. No such study has been conducted previously in Qatar. METHODS univariate statistical analysis was used in this retrospective descriptive study. A total of 2934 children aged 0-18 years who died due to injuries in the period of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency and nature of childhood injuries and to explore the risk factors for such injuries in low-income countries by using emergency department (ED) surveillance data. METHODS This pilot study represents the initial phase of a multi-country global childhood unintentional injury surveillance (GCUIS) project and was based on a(More)
OBJECTIVE A recent randomized clinical trial demonstrated home-based treatment of WHO-defined severe pneumonia with oral amoxicillin was equivalent to hospital-based therapy and parenteral antibiotics. We aimed to determine whether this finding is generalizable across four countries. METHODS Multicentre observational study in Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana and(More)
PURPOSE OF INVESTIGATION To investigate the effect of social class, education and antenatal care on cesarian section (CS) rate and women's preference for CS. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a descriptive study performed on 509 women attending postnatal clinics in three primary care units in Ismailia governorate, Egypt. The study performed via a structured(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) have the potential of significantly enhancing our ability to monitor and interact with our physical environment. Realizing a fault-tolerant operation is critical to the success of WSN. The main challenge is providing fault-tolerance (FT) while conserving the limited resources of the network. Our main contribution in this paper(More)