Hesham Awadh Abdallah Bahamish

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Proteins perform many biological functions in the human body. The structure of the protein determines its function. In order to predict the protein structure computationally, protein must be represented in a proper representation. To this end, an energy function is used to calculate its energy and a conformational search algorithm is used to search the(More)
Artificial bee colony algorithm (ABC) is a swarm intelligence based algorithm. It is inspired by the foraging behavior of honey bee colony. In this paper, the ABC algorithm was utilized to predict the tertiary structure of C-peptide of ribonuclease A by searching the conformational search space to locate the lowest free energy conformation. Conformations(More)
Proteins are essential for the biological processes in the human body. They can only perform their functions when they fold into their tertiary structure. Protein structure can be determined experimentally and computationally. Experimental methods are time consuming and high-priced and it is not always feasible to identify the protein structure(More)
This paper refines and introduces a modification to the Marriage in Honey Bee Optimisation algorithm (MBO). The modified algorithm was applied to predict the structure of Met-enkphaline using torsion angles representation and ECEPP/3 energy function. The results showed the significance of the modification. The algorithm was able to find the lowest reported(More)
Fast and efficient protein sequence alignment and comparison algorithms have become significance as the size of databases grow very rapidly. This paper introduces a parallel algorithm for Hashing-N-Gram-Hirschberg (HNGH) algorithm. The HNGH algorithm is an extension of N-Gram-Hirschberg (NGH) algorithm which was proposed by Abdul Rashid in 2007. The(More)
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