Hesham Anan

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NCSTRL (Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library) is a federation of digital libraries providing computer science materials. The architecture of the original NCSTRL was based largely on the Dienst software. It was implemented and maintained by the digital library group at Cornell University until September 2001. At that time, we had an(More)
Archon is a federation of physics collections with varying degrees of metadata richness. Archon uses the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAIPMH) to harvest metadata from distributed archives. The architecture of Archon is largely based on another OAIPMH digital library: Arc, a cross archive search service. However, Archon provides(More)
Many geographically distributed experts in different areas such as medical imaging, e-commerce, and digital museums, are in need of 3D models. Although 3D models are becoming widely available due to the recent technological advancement and modeling tools, we lack a digital library system where they can be searched and retrieved efficiently. In this paper,(More)
DIGITAL LIBRARY SERVICES FOR 3D MODELS Hesham Anan Old Dominion University, 2004 Co-Directors of Advisory Committee: Dr. Kurt Maly Dr. Mohammad Zubair With the growth in computing, storage and networking infrastructure, it is becoming increasingly feasible for multimedia professionals – such as graphic designers in commercial, manufacturing, scientific and(More)
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