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Semantic Web Services (SWSs) represent the most recent and revolutionary technology developed for machine-to-machine interaction on the web 3.0. As for the conventional web services, the problem of discovering and selecting the most suitable web service represents a challenge for SWSs to be widely used. In this paper, we propose a mapping algorithm that(More)
Iris recognition has very high recognition accuracy in comparison with many other biometric features. Many algorithms have been proposed to improve the performance of iris recognition. This paper proposes an iris recognition algorithm in which a set of iris images of a given eye are fused to generate a final template using the most consistent feature data.(More)
AbstRAct Due to the rapidly increasing of the mobile devices connected to the internet, a lot of researches are being conducted to maximize the benefit of such integration. The main objective of this paper is to enhance the performance of the scheduling mechanism of the mobile computing environment by distributing some of the responsibilities of the access(More)
INTRODUCTION Providing a transparent cellular communication services all over the world is the most human aim over the past few years. Such services are ABSTRACT The BLOCKINmain BLOCKINobjective BLOCKINof BLOCKINPCS BLOCKINnetworks BLOCKINis BLOCKINto BLOCKINprovide BLOCKIN " anytime-anywhere " BLOCKIN cellular BLOCKINservices. the ones that guarantee a(More)
The Grid Workflow scheduling is one of the most important issues in Workflow management because of its impact on the performance. Due to its importance, many scheduling approaches are proposed including static, dynamic and adaptive ones. Static approaches performance in Grid environment is questioned due to the continuous environment changes. The main(More)
A database intrusion detection system (DIDS) is used to detect potential violations in database security. DIDS follows other traditional database security mechanisms and network security mechanisms such as firewall and network intrusion detection. Therefore, it faces the intrusion from internal users or the intrusion that can be passed through other(More)