Hesam Yazdanpanahi

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Despite their undoubted advantages, Distributed Generation (DG) systems can negatively impact some aspects of the distribution system operation. In this paper, impacts of inverter-based DGs on fuse-recloser coordination in the fuse-saving protection scheme are thoroughly studied. Various fault conditions with different fault resistances and the effects of(More)
Power electronic technology has been widely employed in renewable energy systems, like photovoltaic(PV) generation systems, wind generation systems; in home appliances, like compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), LED lamps, microwaves. However, power electronic based devices are harmonic polluters, which could inject a relatively large amount of harmonics into(More)
Distributed Generators (DGs) provide a number of advantages for utilities. So, they become very common these days. However, DGs can also negatively impact some aspects of distribution system such as Overcurrent (O.C.) protection. DGs are known to contribute fault currents to their interconnected power system. As a result, there is a concern that the DGs may(More)
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