Hesam Hassan Nejad

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Effects of supplemental Bermuda grass hay (BG) or ground corn on intake, digestion and performance of cattle consuming endophyte-infected fescue (I) were studied. In Exp. 1, a Latin square study, five growing Holstein steers (158.1 kg) consumed I ad libitum and were offered 0, .3, .6, .9 or 1.2% body weight (BW) of BG daily. Total dry matter (DM) intake(More)
1. Changes in hepatic and renal glutathione (GSH) and plasma aspartate aminotransferase (AST) following single or daily oral doses of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1, 2 mg/kg BW) or corn oil vehicle (1 ml/kg BW) were determined in male chickens (14-21-day-old). 2. Plasma AST and hepatic GSH increased 2 and 8 hr, respectively, following a single AFB1 dose. 3. Hepatic GSH(More)
The tottering (tg/tg) mouse is a genetic model of human generalized epilepsy; these mice exhibit spontaneous absence seizures accompanied by bilaterally synchronous spike-wave discharges (6). The mechanism(s) for seizure activity are unknown in these mice. Several recent studies have suggested that membrane lipid peroxidation may be causally involved in(More)
Glutathione (GSH) is important in detoxification and regulating cyclooxygenase activity. Since the liver has high levels of GSH, xenobiotic-induced changes in hepatic GSH could affect hepatic tissue blood perfusion (HP) via alterations in prostaglandin synthesis. In anesthetized male New Zealand rabbits, elevating GSH with GSH monoethyl ester had no affect(More)
Impurity metals such as manganese and cadmium from high-tenor cobalt electrolyte solution were selectively removed by solvent extraction method using Co-D2EHPA after converting the functional group of D2EHPA with Co ions. The process parameters such as pH, organic concentration, O/A ratio, kinetics etc. were investigated and the experiments were conducted(More)
1. Effects of diethyl maleate (DEM) mediated glutathione (GSH) depletion on hepatic and renal cortical blood flow (perfusion), plasma GSH, and portal prostacyclin (6-ketoPGF1 alpha) and thromboxane (TxB2) were determined in anaesthetized swine. 2. Although DEM depleted hepatic GSH to 25% of control, plasma GSH increased 10-fold in comparison to controls.(More)
1. The effect of glutathione (GSH) depletion on rabbit renal medullary homogenate 6-ketoPGF1 alpha and TxB2 synthesizing capability was investigated. 2. GSH depletion in vivo with diethyl maleate (DEM) produced higher (P less than 0.05) 6-ketoPGF1 alpha and TxB2 renal medullary levels compared to controls. Homogenization and incubation lowered (P less than(More)
The effect of glutathione (GSH) depletion on mean celiac blood flow (MCBF) was determined in domestic fowl. Diethyl maleate (DEM, 1 mL/kg body wt) decreased hepatic and duodenal GSH to approximately 15% of control. This GSH depletion was associated with an increase in MCBF and decreases in mean arterial blood pressure (MABP) and celiac vascular resistance(More)
1. The effect of glutathione (GSH) manipulation on arachidonic acid (AA) metabolism in renal medullary (RM) homogenates was investigated. 2. Diethyl maleate (DEM) depleted GSH initially by 50% (P less than 0.05) and produced a general suppression (P less than 0.05) of all PGs with the exception of TXB2. GSH was further depleted during homogenization and a(More)
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