Hesam Fathi Moghadam

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This paper presents photonic devices with 3 dB/cm waveguide loss fabricated in an existing commercial electronic 45 nm SOI-CMOS foundry process. By utilizing existing front-end fabrication processes the photonic devices are monolithically integrated with electronics in the same physical device layer as transistors achieving 4 ps logic stage delay, without(More)
We present an accurate behavior model for Si micro-ring modulators (MRM) based on Verilog-A, a standard simulation tool for electronic system design. Our model describes the electrical characteristics of the Si MRM using an equivalent circuit and the optical characteristics based on the couple-mode theory. The accuracy of our model is confirmed by comparing(More)
The pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis has been used as a model system to study the cellular and subcellular actions of general anaesthetics. Here we describe the actions of general anaesthetics mainly on cultured, identified neurones, maintained in isolation to prevent the actions of synaptic inputs upon them. Using the whole-cell patchclamp technique, we have(More)
In the isolated brain of the freshwater pulmonate snail, Lymnaea stagnalis, application of H2O2 (0.003-0.0003%) activated specific discharge patterns both in neurones of the respiratory and feeding networks, as well as in other identified central neurones and these observed effects were different from the effects of NO or NO-donors. At least part of these(More)
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