Hesam Fathi Moghadam

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Using low parasitic microsolder bumping, we hybrid integrated efficient photonic devices from different platforms with advanced 40 nm CMOS VLSI circuits to build ultra-low power silicon photonic transmitters and receivers for potential applications in high performance inter/intra-chip interconnects. We used a depletion racetrack ring modulator with improved(More)
Digital “assist” circuits can improve the efficiency of traditionally analog circuit blocks, especially as technologies scale to the detriment of analog blocks. We apply some of these techniques to a 10 Gbps optical reciever, and demonstrate 395 fJ/b energy efficiency. Digital calibration blocks wrapped around a simple analog core enabled offset(More)
Switched-capacitor voltage regulators (SCVRs) are widely used in on-chip power management, due to high step-down efficiency and feasibility of integration. In this work, we present theoretical analysis and optimization methodology for flying and decoupling capacitance values for area-constrained on-chip SCVRs to achieve the highest system-level power(More)
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