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While there is a lot of hype around various concepts associated with the term Web 2.0 in industry, little academic research has so far been conducted on the implications of these new approaches for the domain of education. Much of what goes by the name of Web 2.0 can in fact be regarded as a new kind of learning technologies, and can be utilised as such.(More)
Today organizations face increasingly dynamic and competitive environments. Business agility aims to address these challenges. In this contribution, we aim to increase understanding about business agility by introducing a novel conceptualization. In addition, we aim to identify key research challenges that need to be addressed by future research. In order(More)
One of the first question each knowledge management project faces is: Which concrete activities are referred to under the name of knowledge management and how do they relate to each other? To help answer this question and to provide guidance when introducing knowledge management we have developed KMap. KMap is an environment which supports a practitioner in(More)
We retrospectively analyzed 468 deliveries in 1989, 935 deliveries in 1990, and 1020 deliveries in 1991 from cephalic presentation. Oxytocin was given for reason of not sufficient labor (cervical dilatation < 1 cm/hr) after spontaneous or artificial rupture of membranes. Oxytocin was increased at intervals of 20 minutes (in 1989) or 60 minutes (in 1990 and(More)
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