Herwig O. Gutzeit

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Many neurological insults are accompanied by a marked acute inflammatory reaction, involving the activation of microglia. Using a model of exogenous application of fluorescence-labeled BV2 microglia in pathophysiologically relevant concentrations onto organotypic hippocampal slice cultures, we investigated the specific effects of microglia on neuronal(More)
During the last phase of oogenesis in Drosophila, nurse cell cytoplasm can be seen to be streaming into the growing oocyte when visualized in time-lapse films. This process can be reversibly inhibited by cytochalasins. The distribution of F-actin filaments in the nurse cells has been studied by staining with rhodamine-conjugated phalloidin. At the beginning(More)
Staining of Drosophila egg chambers with rhodaminyl-lysine-phallotoxin (RLP), a specific stain for F-actin, has demonstrated the presence of dense F-actin rings associated with the inner surfaces of the ring canals. They were first observed in the distal part of the germarium where rings of four different size classes were found, differing in diameter by up(More)
The localization of the extracellular matrix glycoprotein laminin was studied using polyclonal anti-laminin antibodies. The laminin patterns of the basement membranes of the muscular epithelial sheath that envelops the ovariole were conspicuously different from those of the basement membrane of the follicular epithelium. In the latter structure laminin was(More)
The microfilament pattern in the somatic follicle cells of mid-vitellogenic stage 9 to 11 follicles of Drosophila was analyzed by staining F-actin with fluorescence-labeled phalloidin. During the analyzed stages of oogenesis, the follicular epithelium differentiates morphologically and functionally. These changes are also reflected at the organization of(More)
The developmental potential of the cells of the somatic follicular epithelium (follicle cells) was studied in mutants in which the differentiation of the germ-line cells is blocked at different stages of oogenesis. In two mutants, sn 36a and kelch, nurse cell regression does not occur, yet the follicle cells around the small oocyte continue their normal(More)
Quantification of the egg yolk precursor vitellogenin (VTG) in fish has become a standard technique to detect estrogenic effects of known chemicals and environmental samples. In the present study, we have analysed VTG induction by estradiol, ethynylestradiol and genistein exposure in the model teleost medaka (Oryzias latipes) and demonstrate that the medaka(More)
The ultrastructure and morphogenesis of the micropylar apparatus (MPA) have been studied in follicles of the fungus gnatBradysia tritici. The MPA is formed by a group of follicle cells located at the anterior pole of the single large nurse cell. In principle, the MPA consists of two thickened plates made of vitelline membrane material, the lower (LMP) and(More)
The pattern of intercellular connections between germ line cells has been studied in follicles of the mutantdicephalic (dic), which possess nurse cell clusters at both poles. Staining of follicles with a fluorescent rhodamine conjugate of phalloidin reveals ring canals and cell membranes and thus allows us to reconstruct the spatial organization of the(More)