Hervey L Kimball

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Calcaneocuboid distraction arthrodesis can be used to treat stage 2 posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Nonunion, graft resorption, and implant failure have been reported after this procedure. This study compared two of the most commonly used methods for fixation of calcaneocuboid distraction arthrodesis. Twelve pairs of cadaver feet underwent simulated(More)
Incubation of lanosta-8, 24-dien-3beta-o1-1,2-3H and lanost-8-en-3beta-o1-1,2-3H with an adrenocortical bovine mitochondrial acetone-dried preparation did not yield any significant (less than 0.01%) 3beta-hydroxy-4, 4, 14-trimethyl-5alpha-pregn-8-en-20-one. Under the same conditions cholesterol-1,2-3H yielded 8.3% pregnenolone. Incubation of (20S)-17alpha,(More)
The inhibition of the conversion of [4-14C] cholesterol to [4-14C] pregnenolone by a number of steroids has been studied in bovine adrenocortical mitochondrial acetonedried preparations. At equimolar substrate and inhibitor concentrations (3.3 muM) the most potent inhibitors were cholesterol derivatives containing a nitrogen function at c-22, followed by(More)