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Thanks to the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters", rapid mapping of disaster events using EO imagery now has a history. An insight from the viewpoint of a crisis information operator is given on the geo-information service provided within this framework. Action chronology and map products are scrutinized. Finally, the rapid mapping service's(More)
A novel method to map storm damage in forest is discussed. It is shown that damaged forest areas can be clearly discriminated from undamaged forest. The presented approach is based on the temporal behavior of the interferometric correlation using 2 ERS tandem pairs, one before and one after the storm. The method was successfully applied in several regions(More)
[4] , Joost Beckers [5] , Fabio Dell'acqua [6] ABSTRACT Climate change challenges our understanding of risk by modifying hazards and their interactions. Sudden increases in population and rapid urbanization are changing exposure to risk around the globe, making impacts harder to predict. RASOR will develop a platform to perform multi-hazard risk analysis(More)