Hervé Rivano

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This article investigates the problem of the allocation of modulation and coding, subcarriers and power to users in LTE. The proposed model achieves inter-cell interference mitigation through the dynamic and distributed self-organization of cells. Therefore, there is no need for any a prior frequency planning. Moreover, a two-level decomposition method able(More)
Network measurement is essential for assessing performance issues, identifying and locating problems. Two common strategies are the passive approach that attaches specific devices to links in order to monitor the traffic that passes through the network and the active approach that generates explicit control packets in the network for measurements. One of(More)
This article investigates complexity and approximability properties of combinatorial optimization problems yielded by the notion of Shared Risk Resource Group (SRRG). SRRG has been introduced in order to capture network survivability issues where a failure may break a whole set of resources, and has been formalized as colored graphs, where a set of(More)
We consider the problem of finding a lightpath assignment for a given set of communication requests on a multifiber WDM optical network with wavelength translators. Given such a network, andw the number of wavelengths available on each fiber, k the number of fiber per link and the number of partial wavelength translation available on each node, our problem(More)
The capacity of a multi-hop wireless network is the traffic payload that it can transport. This is a prominent quality of service issue, particularly in the highly constrained settings of 802.11 wireless mesh network. In this paper, we consider two complementary definitions of the capacity. A network-wise capacity is defined as the sum of the upload(More)
Parking sensor network is rapidly deploying around the world and is regarded as one of the first implemented urban services in smart cities. To provide the best network performance, the MAC protocol shall be adaptive enough in order to satisfy the traffic intensity and variation of parking sensors. In this paper, we study the heavy-tailed parking and vacant(More)
Delay-Tolerant Networks (DTN) model systems that are characterized by intermittent connectivity and frequent partitioning. Routing in DTNs has drawn much research effort recently. Since very different kinds of networks fall in the DTN category, many routing approaches have been proposed. In particular, the routing layer in some DTNs have information about(More)
We consider a multi-hop wireless mesh network composed by routers which route traffic to the Internet through several gateway. In such network, a bottleneck phenomenon limits the performances around the gateways, the network capacity does not scale with its size. In this work, we propose a traffic scheduling strategy around the gateways in a 802.11-based(More)
Patrolling is mainly used in situations where the need of repeatedly visiting certain places is critical. In this paper, we consider a deployment of a wireless sensor network (WSN) that cannot be fully meshed because of the distance or obstacles. Several robots are then in charge of getting close enough to the nodes in order to connect to them, and perform(More)