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Preventive treatments of traumatic intracranial hypertension are not yet established. We aimed to compare the efficiency of half-molar sodium lactate (SL) versus saline serum solutions in preventing episodes of raised intracranial pressure (ICP) in patients with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). This was a double-blind, randomized controlled trial(More)
BACKGROUND Respiratory variation in pulse pressure (ΔPP) is commonly used to predict the fluid responsiveness of critically ill patients. However, some researchers have demonstrated that this measurement has several limitations. The present study was designed to evaluate the proportion of patients satisfying criteria for valid application of ΔPP at a given(More)
INTRODUCTION To investigate whether respiratory variation of inferior vena cava diameter (cIVC) predict fluid responsiveness in spontaneously breathing patients with acute circulatory failure (ACF). METHODS Forty patients with ACF and spontaneous breathing were included. Response to fluid challenge was defined as a 15% increase of subaortic velocity time(More)
Global ischemia leads to damage in the hippocampal CA1 region and is associated with behavioral deficits. NeuroAid (MLC601 and MLC901), a Traditional Chinese Medicine is used in China for patients after stroke. We have investigated here the effects of MLC901 on brain injury and deficits after global ischemia in the rat. Global ischemia induced by(More)
OBJECTIVES To explain the different approaches for interpreting acid-base disorders; to develop the Stewart model which offers some advantages for the pathophysiological understanding and the clinical interpretation of acid-base imbalances. DATA SOURCE Record of french and english references from Medline data base. The keywords were: acid-base balance,(More)
To describe current use and diagnostic and therapeutic impacts of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in the intensive care unit (ICU). POCUS is of growing importance in the ICU. Several guidelines recommend its use for procedural guidance and diagnostic assessment. Nevertheless, its current use and clinical impact remain unknown. Prospective multicentric(More)
Lactate may represent a supplemental fuel for the brain. We examined cerebral lactate metabolism during prolonged brain glucose depletion (GD) in acute brain injury (ABI) patients monitored with cerebral microdialysis (CMD). Sixty episodes of GD (defined as spontaneous decreases of CMD glucose from normal to low [<1.0 mmol/L] for at least 2 h) were(More)
BACKGROUND The collapsibility index of inferior vena cava (cIVC) is widely used to decide fluid infusion in spontaneously breathing intensive care unit patients. The authors hypothesized that high inspiratory efforts may induce false-positive high cIVC values. This study aims at determining a value of diaphragmatic motion recorded by echography that could(More)
INTRODUCTION Over the last ten years, ultrasound became standard procedure in the intensive care unit (ICU). STUDY DESIGN A national survey to evaluate the use of this technique in French ICUs. METHODS Three hundred and twenty-seven units were contacted from the listing of the Société de réanimation de langue française (SRLF). A survey containing 20(More)
OBJECTIVE Since the last consensus conducted by Sfar/SRLF, the use of protocol for sedation became the reference in our ICUs. Decrease in length of stay and length of mechanical ventilation with used of these protocols have been already described. We would like to investigate the economic impact associated. STUDY DESIGN Using the PMSI data, we studied(More)