Hervé Lequay

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This paper deals with the architectural design process and the digital tools able to support a creative activity. Evolutionary devices are expected to support the architect in the initial phase of his work in progress and to stimulate his creativity through analogical thinking. An experimental tool is described, this one is using a genetic algorithm to(More)
This paper tackles the exploration of generative digital tools in the field of architectural design. Evolutionary mechanisms are expected to help the designer and to support his creativity. Our purpose is to implement a digital tool based on a genetic algorithm, which uses environmental parameters and human interplay to evolve an architectural form. The(More)
Aerial surveying is, since more than 100 years, a huge field of research and application in the domain of architecture, archeology and, besides, cultural heritage. Increasing operational capabilities of recent UAV platforms, initially concieved for both civilian and military purposes, are today capable of autonomous flight and self decision making attitudes(More)
This paper introduces MidiShare, a real time software module meant for the development of Midi applications in a multi-tasks context. MidiShare brings facility in most of the fields concerned with the development of musical applications: communications management, precise time control, tasks scheduling. The originality of MidiShare lies in its capacity to(More)
The present challenge to preserve cultural heritage, dealing with the rise of new technological advances in terms of spatial data gathering, led to the massive surge of digital content and more than anything, to 3D models. These models, supporting analysis and valuation in archeology, architecture, cultural heritage and furniture design, are often gathered(More)
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