Hervé Le Nagard

Olivier Tenaillon3
Maxime Levert2
Thierry Balliau2
3Olivier Tenaillon
2Maxime Levert
2Thierry Balliau
2Marie Claire Hipeaux
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Although polymicrobial infections, caused by combinations of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, are being recognised with increasing frequency, little is known about the occurrence of within-species diversity in bacterial infections and the molecular and evolutionary bases of this diversity. We used multiple approaches to study the genomic and(More)
Malaria remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide which is partly due to the emergence of the parasite resistance to antimalarial drugs. In vitro testing of drugs allows an early detection of resistance. The common parameter used for the monitoring of resistance is the concentration that inhibits 50% of the parasite's activity(More)
BACKGROUND The emergence of organismal complexity has been a difficult subject for researchers because it is not readily amenable to investigation by experimental approaches. Complexity has a myriad of untested definitions and our understanding of its evolution comes primarily from static snapshots gleaned from organisms ranked on an intuitive scale.(More)
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