Hervé Lahamy

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In order to enable a more natural communication with virtual reality systems, automatic hand gesture recognition appears as a suitable means. Hand gesture recognition making use of digital images has been a research topic for many years. However, the use of range cameras for automatic gesture recognition is in its infancy. Range cameras, with their(More)
The automatic interpretation of human gestures can be used for a natural interaction with computers while getting rid of mechanical devices such as keyboards and mice. In order to achieve this objective, the recognition of hand postures has been studied for many years. However, most of the literature in this area has considered 2D images which cannot(More)
Several sensors have been tested for improving the interaction between humans and machines including traditional web cameras, special gloves, haptic devices, cameras providing stereo pairs of images and range cameras. Meanwhile, several methods are described in the literature for tracking hand motion: the Kalman filter, the mean-shift algorithm and the(More)
—In this paper, we report the first step of our ongoing research toward the creation of an intuitive and interactive environment for manipulating and analyzing geological datasets. This first step of our project aimed at the development of a manipulation system through the employment of haptic sense and gesture detection, into a virtual environment. The(More)
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