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Morphological characterisation of 2,298 accessions collected in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu was conducted with 23 standardised descriptors and data bases were developed. More than 2,000 cultivars were electrophoresed on starch gels and six enzyme systems were revealed successfully (MDH, PGI, ICD,(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of primidone (PRM) nanoencapsulation on its metabolism. Suspensions of PRM powder and PRM-loaded poly-epsilon-caprolactone nanocapsules were administered orally in the same way to rats. Primidone-loaded poly-epsilon-caprolactone nanocapsules were prepared according to the interfacial deposition technique.(More)
Incubation of a crude synaptosomal fraction from rat striatum with GBR 12783 at 37 degrees C produced an inhibition of the specific uptake of [3H]dopamine that increased with time. The inhibition increased when GBR 12783 was present during preincubation and incubation (IC50 = 1.85+/-0.1 nM) instead of incubation alone (IC50 = 25+/-3.5 nM). Time-course(More)
34 accounts of medicines found in the rolls of "Maîtrise Notre-Dame" of Rouen were studied. Data concerning clysters, ptysans, violet sirup, theriac, marsh-mallow paste and physic were particularly collected. Their interpretation showed a relative stability of the market prices of drugs and medicines, expressed in pounds, during a century and a half, in(More)
Acoustic micropropulsors present great potential for microfluidic applications. The propulsion is based on encapsulated 20 μm bubbles excited by a contacless ultrasonic transducer. The vibrating bubbles then generate a powerful streaming flow, with speeds 1-100 mm s-1 in water, through the action of viscous stresses. In this paper we introduce a full(More)
e15053 Background: Androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) is associated with the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease (unfavorable lipid profile, obesity and insulin resistance). The Mediterrean Diet (MedD), a diet high in olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, may reduce the risk of the metabolic syndrome. An 8-week MedD program was(More)
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