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This paper presents the State Partition based Mixed Logical Dynamical (SPMLD) formalism as a new modeling technique for a class of discrete-time hybrid systems, where the system is defined by different modes with continuous and logical control inputs and state variables, each model subject to linear constraints. The reformulation of the predictive strategy(More)
The problem of controlling the blood glucose value of a patient suffering from type 1 diabetes is considered. The proposed strategy consists in designing a robust nonlinear model predictive controller based on a minimal nonlinear model. The various uncertainties and disturbances are introduced through the use of a variational model. The control problem is(More)
Model Predictive control is an advanced control technique that has been used to optimize thermal comfort in buildings. Nowadays, the new buildings are characterized by an important inertia as well as low power heating systems. Since the thermal losses are very low, taking into account the intermittent occupancies in the control strategy is questionable.(More)
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