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This paper presents the State Partition based Mixed Logical Dynamical (SPMLD) formalism as a new modeling technique for a class of discrete-time hybrid systems, where the system is defined by different modes with continuous and logical control inputs and state variables, each model subject to linear constraints. The reformulation of the predictive strategy(More)
The problem of controlling the blood glucose value of a patient suffering from type 1 diabetes is considered. The proposed strategy consists in designing a robust nonlinear model predictive controller based on a minimal nonlinear model. The various uncertainties and disturbances are introduced through the use of a variational model. The control problem is(More)
This paper deals with the modeling and control of a heating production system designed to supply hot water that is afterward used for the actual heating of an office building. The modeling part emphasizes the constraints writing, based on the assumptions made for the boiler model as well as the well-posedeness conditions concerning the whole heating(More)
In the power converters area there is a growing interest in applying hybrid systems techniques for modeling, analysis and control. This paper proposes the open-loop control for the start-up of a double resonance converter using an offline nonlinear constrained optimization, where the evaluation of the cost function is obtained via simulation. In this way,(More)
Among the consequences of massive distributed generation development, voltage rise is a major concern. The local reactive power control laws considered to solve this issue might lead to voltage instability. In this context, the current paper proposes a methodology to study voltage stability of a distribution feeder hosting distributed generation. The(More)