Hervé Guéguen

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Safety verification and reachability analysis for hybrid systems is a very active research domain. Many approaches that seem quite different, have been proposed to solve this complex problem. This paper presents an overview of various approaches for autonomous, continuous time hybrid systems and present them with respect to basic problems related to(More)
Abstract This paper presents the State Partition based Mixed Logical Dynamical (SPMLD) formalism as a new modeling technique for a class of discrete-time hybrid systems, where the system is defined by different modes with continuous and logical control inputs and state variables, each model subject to linear constraints. The reformulation of the predictive(More)
This paper proposes a hybrid predictive control strategy composed of local predictive controllers which interact with each other. This control strategy is applied to a solar powered hot water storage (SHWS) system that supplies energy for a building cooling system. Two local controllers are proposed for the SHWS system and the building cooling system(More)
Among the consequences of massive distributed generation development, voltage rise is a major concern. The local reactive power control laws considered to solve this issue might lead to voltage instability. In this context, the current paper proposes a methodology to study voltage stability of a distribution feeder hosting distributed generation. The(More)
Hybrid systems, combining event-driven and time-driven dynamics, have become ubiquitous in modern technology and the center of significant research activity within various disciplines including computer science and systems and control engineering. The International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) has been providing a forum for such activity by(More)