Hervé Ghesquière

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1-5% of cancer patients treated with cytotoxic chemotherapy die within a month after the administration of chemotherapy. Risk factors for these early deaths (ED) are not well known. The purpose of this study was to establish a risk model for ED after chemotherapy applicable to all tumour types. The model was delineated in a series of 1051 cancer patients(More)
Cytotoxic chemotherapy suppresses the haematopoietic system, impairing host protective mechanisms and limiting the doses of chemotherapy that can be tolerated. Febrile neutropenia, the most serious haematological toxicity, is associated with the risk of life-threatening infections as well as chemotherapy dose reductions and delays that may compromise(More)
After over 30 years of theorizing, the use of angiogenesis inhibitors as anticancer therapy has finally moved from the realm of research to reality. Normal adult vasculature is generally quiescent in nature, with endothelial cells dividing approximately every 10 years. In contrast, the growth of tumours requires constant vascular growth and remodelling in(More)
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