Hervé Franklin

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In a trabecular bone, considered as a nondissipative porous medium, the scattering of an incident wave by cylindrical pores larger than the wavelength is studied. The goal is to know if scattering alone may cause such a high attenuation as that observed in calcaneus. The porous medium is modelized via Biot's theory and the scattering by a single pore is(More)
A numerical study of the guided modes in a water-saturated poroelastic plate that obeys the Biot theory is presented. In the first part, we study the leaky guided modes and the angular resonances when the slow wave does not propagate. Two types of guided modes exist. The first ones occur from coupling of the fast longitudinal wave with the shear wave; most(More)
A poroelastic plate that obeys the Biot theory is considered. Compact new forms of its reflection and transmission coefficients, similar to those of the resonance scattering theory for an elastic plate, are derived. A numerical comparison of the reflection coefficient modulus with the plate normal modes, at low frequency, shows that a study of the(More)
Ultrasound reflection (R) and transmission (T) from an immersed porous plate of QF-20 (a registered trademark of Filtros, Ferro Corporation) are investigated. Assuming open pores boundary conditions for the theoretical computations, values of the physical constants given by Johnson et al. [D. L. Johnson, D. L. Hemmick, and H. Kojima J. Appl. Phys. 76(1),(More)
The effects of periodicity perturbations in underwater phononic crystal layers composed of noninterpenetrating rows of identical shells are investigated. The results for one row are obtained by using a multiple scattering method between shells. Then, taking into account the multiple reflections and transmissions between two adjacent rows, a Debye series(More)
The layer-multiple-scattering method is developed to study wave propagation through two-dimensional lattices of cylindrical inclusions in an elastic medium. The lattices are a series of periodically spaced infinite one-dimensional periodic gratings (or rows) of inclusions. The layer-multiple-scattering method allows the analysis of the reflection and(More)
The resonance spectrum of sets of two to five infinitely long parallel cylindrical glass inclusions in a fluid saturated porous matrix of unconsolidated glass beads is investigated. The ratio of bead diameters to inclusion diameters is 1/5. The far field form functions and the related phase derivatives are calculated by using an exact multiple scattering(More)
The Foldy and the Waterman and Truell approximations are used to determine the effective properties of the coherent wave that emerges after multiple scattering of a plane longitudinal fast wave by the largest pores in a trabecular bone. The unit scattering cell considered is either a single pore or two close cylindrical pores (cluster), at a fixed overall(More)
Gas measurements made in the stratospheric plume from the eruption of Mount St. Helens on 18 May 1980 were not consistent with a reported large injection of radon-222 into the atmosphere. No enrichment in the volatile element polonium was found in filter samples, and the ratio of polonium-210 to lead-210 was not different from background values. Data(More)